Celina JaitleyActress Celina Jaitley played a naughty prank on the director of her upcoming English film.

Celina is playing an NRI in director Ken Khan’s movie ‘Love Has No Language’, which is set and shot in New Zealand.

Apparently, the director doesn’t know Hindi. So he asked for a few tips from Celina when they were invited to an informal party where most of the guests were of Indian descent.

Ken wanted to give a good impression and asked Celina how he could greet the audience in Hindi.

In return, Celina decided to pull a fast one on him. She taught him to say: “Namastey, tera baap chor hai”.

Poor Ken did not realize what the words meant and he learnt them by heart. Later, at the party, he addressed the crowd with the same sentence.

Reports say the whole gathering was shocked to hear what Ken said. Ken, apparently, read their expressions and knew something was wrong.

Later, when an amused Celina took the stage she clarified that it was she who had taught the foul Hindi to Ken.

Source: Apunkachoice

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