Aamir and RaniThe grapevine has it that Aamir Khan invited Rani Mukherjee to his holiday home in Panchgani recently where they spent a ‘cosy’ weekend together.

Aamir admits he spent a weekend with Rani at his holiday home, but the actress denies the secret meeting.

Individually they are Bollywood’s hottest properties and so rumours suggesting that Aamir and Rani are seeing each other has caused a big stir in Bollywood circles.

The grapevine has it that Aamir invited Rani to his holiday home in Panchgani recently where they spent a ‘cosy’ weekend together.

But as luck would have it, their secret rendezvous was discovered when a domestic help hired to take care of the holiday home spilled the beans to Aamir’s wife Kiran.

An enraged Kiran reportedly confronted Aamir and later got him to admit that he did play host to Rani.

Aamir’s lame excuse that he had invited the actress as she was shooting in the vicinity resolved the issue. But only temporarily.

However, Aamir’s relief turned out to be short-lived. Because when Rani met Kiran and denied having visited the Panchgani house at all, all hell broke loose once again.

And while Kiran is still not willing to believe that anything could have happened between the two as ‘Rani is a close friend’, she is fuming with rage.

The incident, needless to say, has widened the rift between Kiran and Aamir who have been staying separately for some time now.

As the rumour mills go into overdrive, one can’t help but recall Rani’s words from the past. She had once declared that she had a huge crush on Aamir who was happily married to Reena at the time.

Bollywood insiders say that Kiran is in a quandary about what her next move should be.

Will she just ignore the Rani-Aamir meeting as a stray incident? Or will she sit down with Aamir and ask him to choose between Rani or her now remains to be seen.

Source: Apunkachoice

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