If recent reports are to be believed, actor Sanjay Dutt who has been transferred to Yerawada jail in Pune is now responsible for the food of the 3000 odd inmates. According to senior officials, Sanju baba is to assist a team of cooks from the morning of 3rd August, the date his prison term officially begins.

Sanjay also has Abdul Telgi, the kingpin of the stamp scam and other convicts from the 1993 bomb blasts case for company in jail. There are other duties as well that the jail inmates are expected to carry out like carpentry, pottery and farming but only when they are detained for a much longer period. Sanjay Dutt has been placed in the same cell as his friend Yususf Nullawalla, his crime being that of assisting Dutt in destroying his weapons.

Source: Times of India

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