Vivek and SalmanWhen Salman Khan and Vivek Oberoi come face to face, things are bound to happen and that’s exactly what happened at the tenth Rajiv Gandhi Awards function.

Salman was present at the event as he was being given an award in the Best Actor Category and Shilpa Shetty who was also present was being honoured with the Best actress award.

To add some spice to the event, the organizers as usual had a number of performances put up to entertain the audiences. And Vivek was also performing at the awards function.

According to sources, after Vivek wound up his act, he folded his hands and bowed before Salman as a sort of apology.

Salman and Shilpa were the guests of honour at the event as they were to receive awards at the function and hence they were seated in the front row. Vivek’s performance was the last one before the awards were to be announced and hence Salman was forced to sit through it.

However this time round too Vivek took the opportunity to show Salman how apologetic he was for the past.

Vijay Kalantri, chairman of the reception committee said, “Vivek grabbed his ears and bowed and mouthed bhai, but Salman just shook his head.”

Vivek also joined his hands in front of Salman as a sign of asking for his forgiveness. Unfortunately though Vivek’s gesture did not make Salman relent and when he was later asked about the incident, he refused to even acknowledge that he knew anybody by the name of Vivek Oberoi.

However, seeing this apologetic gesture, Shilpa tried to coax Salman to relent and forgive Vivek, but Salman was still adamant and refused to forget and forgive.

The two actors have a history of not getting along, due to the presence of Aishwarya Rai in both their lives then. Vivek was a beginner in the film industry at the time and it seems his impulsiveness got him into a big mess.

At the time Vivek called a public press conference and claimed that a drunk Salman had hounded him with 41 abusive calls. Since then though a lot of water has passed under that bridge and the lady who was the bone of contention between the two has also moved on.

And for a while now Vivek has been trying to bridge the unpleasantness between himself and Salman and even visited Salman’s mom in hospital when she was ill, while the Khan was in jail, but nonetheless it seems Salman was not impressed with his gesture and has continued to ignore the actor.

Source: Apunkachoice

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