Nisha KothariRam Gopal Varma is livid with reports linking him with Nisha Kothari who is playing Basanti in his much talked about movie “Aag”, a remake of “Sholay”, and also featuring in his forthcoming “Darling”. He insists he hasn’t seen her in the last two months.
Some reports say that Varma is so possessive about Nisha that he insists on picking her up from her home and dropping her back.

Varma told IANS: “What can I say or do about these write-ups? Maybe they should place these stories in the comic book section of the paper. The fact is I finished shooting with Nisha for ‘Aag’ five months ago. For the last two months I’ve been in Hyderabad shooting for ‘Sarkar 2′.

“Only god and the creators of these fictional tales know when and where I’m picking up Nisha and where I am taking her. Honestly, when I get into the car I’ve no clue about my whereabouts. How will I escort anyone else when I don’t know my way around Mumbai?”

On her part, Nisha said: “I really don’t know how to react to such stupid and baseless stories. I respect Ram Gopal Varma as a director and I am grateful for his belief in me. Beyond that there is nothing between us.

Another rumour is that Varma is remaking Martin Scorcese’s “The Departed” in Hindi and Telugu. But Varma said there is no truth in this either.

“In fact,” laughed Varma, “I am not making any Telugu film nor do I have plans to do so. The story says I’m currently re-making ‘Departed’ with Mahesh Manjrekar and J.D. Chakarvarthy. I haven’t signed these two actors for any film.”

Varma said he has not even seen “The Departed”. “So where’s the question of remaking it? In fact, I told the reporter this. He still went ahead and wrote it,” he said.

Source: INAS

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