Aishwarya AbhishekAfter romancing with and marrying Abhishek Bachchan, she is now acting in ‘Jodha Bai’ with Hritik Roshan. On his part, Abhishek is also busy acting with co-star John Abraham in a Hindi film directed by Karan Johar. The director racked his brains over whom to cast as the heroine and finally settled on Aishwarya. He consulted with Abhishek and then told Aishwarya the story.

She heard the story and refused to pair up with her husband and the puzzled director is again on the hunt for a heroine. This naturally became a hot piece of gossip and the press has been bugging Aish’s manager for explanation.
“The story requires Aishwarya to act in a glamorous role. She is particular not to do such roles after her marriage. So, even if it is with her husband, she is definite on not doing such a glam role,” explained Aishwarya’s manager.

Source: cinesouth

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