Aishwarya in Last LegionAishwarya Bachchan fails yet again to make any big waves across Hollywood screens.

Ash is sporting grease paint and playing with the swords in The Last Legion along with actors Colin Firth and Sir Ben Kingsley, a film set in 476 AD where the Roman Empire’s domination was at threat. The film released in America on Friday but too bad, the critics have it a thumb down right at the opening.

The Italian-American venture has not been able to set the box office on fire. Worst, it’s been called “boring” and “lackluster” by the critics.

“The Last Legion is a strange and slow-moving concoction of swordfights and snooze-inducing drama,” said Boston Herald in its review of the film.

“When it comes to sword-and-sandal epics, The Last Legion is firmly at the bottom of the heap,” the report added.

Clearly it’s a bit of a spoiler for Mrs Aishwarya Bachchan who hasn’t managed to deliver a single Hollywood performance that would have got the world waking up to ‘oh-so-celebrated’ Indian talent.

No one is even talking about an Indian actress making it to the Hollywood flick. The only appreciable part in the film is Colin Firth who manages to capture attention for a while.

As for Mrs Bachchan, well…better luck next time.

Source: Ibnlive

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