Shilpa ShettyShe’s in the news yet again. But this time it’s not anything to celebrate. Actress Shilpa Shetty has been accused of wrecking a marriage by a UK-based film producer’s wife.

According to the News of the World tabloid, 25-year-old Kavita Kundra claimed that Shilpa is now “an item with her film producer husband Raj”.

“Our marriage was in a rough patch but I was certain we could make it work for the sake of our new baby daughter. But then along came Shilpa. Suddenly Raj changed and now he wants a divorce,” Kavita told the tabloid.

Reacting to the report, Shilpa’s spokesperson Dale Bhagwagar said in Mumbai, “the two are just friends, however cliched it may sound.”

“All these rumours of Shilpa and Raj getting married are baseless. Raj is the licensor of the perfume Shilpa launched recently, so obviously they were seen together at public places,” Bhagwagar said.

Asked about his relationship with Shilpa, Raj Kundra, also told the tabloid, “We’re just friends. I have a business relationship with Shilpa regarding her perfume. My marriage ended 12 months ago and it was nothing to do with Shilpa.”

Later he telephoned to say he had only been estranged from his wife for nine months, according to the tabloid.

Shilpa shot to fame earlier this year when she faced racist remarks on the UK reality show Celebrity Big Brother and eventually declared the winner. Last week, the actress received an honorary doctorate from Leeds University.

Source: Ibnlive

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