Abhi-AishBrand Bachchan is all set to consolidate their position at the box office with ‘Sarkar 2’. But, even though the portrayals aim to be realistic, this time around as well, Aishwarya and Abhishek are not paired opposite each other.

Sign the father, son and the daughter-in-law together and its a short cut to success. Any director would want to cash in on the so called Ash-Abhi chemistry, but it seems Ram Gopal Varma, who managed a coup of sorts when he signed them both for ‘Sarkar 2’, is not keen on cashing in on it, since the sparks didn’t exactly fly when the duo were onscreen.

Aishwarya on the other hand, seems grateful enough to be sharing screen space with the father and son. “I am really looking forward to work with both, Abhishek and Amitji. The charachter is also interesting and Abhishek is a wonderful co-star and a wonderful actor.”

It certainly looks as though Ash is counting on the family patriarch to deliver a powerhouse performance. It all seems to have worked out in her favour. “As colleagues also it’s exciting when you are working with actors who are inspired. And personally, it is always wonderful to work with your husband.”

Whatever the results of at the box office, the early bird prize belongs to Ram Gopal Varma for signing on Bollywood most favoured trinity to provide some larger than life entertainment!

Source: TimesNow

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