Rani SmokingRecently many of our bollywood celebs have been tying to give up the bad habit of smoking. Saif Ali quit after he fell gravely ill and was hospitalized. Aamir Khan too has now quit smoking and SRK has been trying to quit smoking for some time now. Well it may come as a huge surprise but many of our bollywood actresses seem to be puffing away too. Actress Rani Mukherjee too is an occasional smoker and can’t seem to do without her morning cigarette which apparently helps with her bowel movement. But it seems Rani’s mom is not too happy about it and has been nagging her girl to give up the bad habit.

Rani has tried to give up smoking but ultimately she has always gone back to her habit as she develops various problems when she quits. But now due to the constant confrontations with her mom, Rani has resorted to smoking in the loo and hiding her cigarettes when mommy dearest is around. Rani also regularly carries mint and deodorant around so that if her mom pops in she can always use it to lessen the smoke smell. Well Rani Mommy always knows best and this time too she is obviously right, because smoking is definitely injurious to health.

Source: Bollywoodmantra

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