Preity ZintaIt’s not easy being Preity Zinta. For the last two days she has been wincing in pain, hobbling on the outskirts of Chandigarh.

“We’ve been shooting here for Mera Bharat Mahaan. Yesterday while doing an outdoor scene with Salman I was running barefoot when a nail pierced the sole of my foot. At that time I didn’t feel the pain so much. But as the day progressed the foot got worse. I’m still alive and kicking. These things don’t bother me much, except that this one is hurting and hurting.”

Preity had to take a tetanus injection. “And now my arm too is heavy and swollen. So I’m managing on one foot and with one arm. And although I’m in considerable pain I’ve to continue shooting because we have to wrap up this week. Oh, the hardships of being an actress,” she chuckles and winces at the same time.

Preity will next be shooting in the Eastern India. “While last year I was out of the country most of the time this year I’m on an extended Bharat Darshan. I got quite sick of shooting abroad all the time. 2007 is my India Year. It’s so nice to see the rural areas. Right now everything is so green and lovely in Punjab. It feels good to know one’s own country even if I’ve to limp my way through the hinterland,” she winces as she draws attention to her injured foot again.

There were practical problems about shooting in Chandigarh. “I’ve been hanging around cows and buffalos. I’ve never been so close to nature before. Out here where we’re shooting there’s a jamun tree and a keree tree. Every day I feed the buffalos and pluck jamuns. But the whole world lands up for the shoot. The crowds get quite unruly and the fan attention does tend to distract from the work at hand. We’ve to tell them, ‘Hum kaam kar rahen hain.’ And they look strangely at us. ‘We thought you were shooting.’ So yeah, it does get quite hectic.”

She exults about Mera Bharat Mahaan, “I love doing this film, as long as it doesn’t rain. Everything was quick and organized. It’s a small role for me. But like I always say, it’s the power of the punch not the size of the fist that matters.”

She’s all praise for Salman. “He doesn’t complain only! He’s very chilled out. He’s become quieter of late and very focused on the film. Me? After nine years in this business I’ve learnt not to crib. I hate whiners. You’ve a choice. Either you do your work or you don’t. And if you do you might as well do it smiling.”

She enjoyed working with her Mera Bharat Mahaan director. “Samir Karnik is a very capable director. He’s very sure of what he wants.”

She returns from Chandigarh and heads for the US for a week-long break, then starts her new film with Jahnu Barua.

Preity perks up when she talks about the Big B. “It’s always a pleasure to work with him. I’ve just completed The Last Lear with Mr Bachchan and he’s awesome. In fact The Last Lear was like a picnic.We never knew when it started and when it ended. I hope Jahnu’s film is as much fun. Working with Ritu-da was a revelation. I’m quite charged up about working with Jahnu-da.”

Source: Santabanta

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