At a time when most online radio stations are belting out film songs, Bangalore-based RadioVeRVe has been doing its bit to promote original music by Indian artists in genres as diverse as rock and classical.

The artists do not have to pay for getting their song featured on the station, provided they fulfil certain criteria.

“We have three basic rules: the music should be original, it should be Indian, and it should be independent. This means the artist should own the copyright of the music,” said Shreyas Srinivasan, a co-founder of the station.

This is what sets RadioVeRVe apart from most other online stations that feature Bollywood and film music and are operated by Indians abroad.

“Since we started, we have continuously increased our listener count. More importantly, we have helped the country’s independent artists promote themselves in our own little way and thus built a well-knit community,” Srinivasan said.

“We have had a few artists get noticed by international music festivals. For instance, Soulmate, a band from Shillong, got invited to the Sun Dance Festival in Estonia because one of the organisers heard their music on RadioVeRVe.

“Manasi Prasad, a classical musician, got an invitation to tour Tanzania after she was featured on RadioVeRVe.”

Srinivasan said: “The station plays 24/7. All the shows we have are prerecorded. As of last month, we have seven different streams — rock, metal, easy, classical, gospel and Konkani.

“We are working towards launching a folk channel soon. When we started we had about 40 bands on RadioVeRVe. Today the count is 185. And we are continuously looking for new music and artists.”

When it began a couple of years ago, RadioVeRVe ran a live one-hour show everyday on independent Indian music. This was largely impromptu and had a core team of Srinivasan, Gaurav Vaz, a musician from Bangalore, and their friend Kaustubh as RJs.

“When we were presenting this at Barcamp Bangalore (a local entrepreneur meet), Geodesic Information Service senior vice-president Atul Chitnis suggested that we should instead record the show in a studio and loop it,” he said.

“All of us thought this was an excellent idea so we cleaned up Atul’s basement to set up the studio. After a couple of days, we finally had our studio. The rest as they say is history.”

Asked about the costs involved in running the station, he said: “The biggest cost is the server and associated bandwidth. There are also miscellaneous costs like website design and studio requirements.

“Some part of it is self funded. In recent times, we have also had a few sponsors who have helped us. We also have a few advertisers now, which help deal with some of the costs.”

Asked if any FM station had approached RadioVeRVe to play a song featured on the internet radio station, he said: “We have been in talks with a few stations about doing a segment on independent music. No definite agreements have been reached as yet.”

Source: Hindu

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