My friend GaneshCast: Ahsaas Channa, Kiran Janjani, Shital Shah, Mushtaq Khan, Modi Sheri, Lalitesh, Anil Nagrath, Aroon Bakshi, Upasna Singh; Director: Rajiv S. Ruia; Rating: **

Director Rajiv S. Ruia’s film “My Friend Ganesha”, ┬áis about a lonely child who finds a friend in Hindu god Ganesha and how it changes his life.

Child artiste Ahsaas Channa, who played Shah Rukh Khan’s son in “Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna”, will be seen playing the lead role in the film, which has shades of animation.

The story revolves around eight-year-old Aashu (Ahsaas) who lives with his father Aaditya, mother Aarti, aunt Aditi and their maid Gangubai. His parents are too busy to spend time with him and as a result the boy always feels lonely. He would only get to be with their maid.

But Aashu’s life changes and becomes interesting after he saves a mouse from drowning. He brings the mouse home and tells the maid about it. She appreciates his efforts and tells him he has saved Lord Ganesha’s pet ride.

Initially, the little boy fails to understand the logic behind the maid’s statement. Gangubai then explains the full episode of Lord Ganesha and Mushakraj (rat).

After hearing the story, Aashu becomes sad and tells about his loneliness to Gangubai and that he needs a friend. The maid then tells him that Ganesha can be his friend.

Gangubai’s suggestion brings a ray of hope in Aashu’s life and he gets excited. It was a time when his family was going through a crisis and it also coincided with the annual Ganesha festival.

Gangubai somehow convinces everyone to bring Ganesha home during the festival. Aashu is elated because Lord Ganesha becomes his friend and he solves various problems of their family taking help from the god. They have a lot of fun together for 11 days during the festival.

Ahsaas had earlier charmed the audience with his performance in “Vaastu Shastra” and “Kabhi Alivda Naa Kehna”.

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