Kareena with AnorexicEver since Kareena Kapoor made a recent appearance at an event looking gaunt and washed out, warning bells began ringing in our heads. Was the drastic weight loss for a film role or was the normally healthy actress taking ‘being fit’ a little too seriously?

When we first wrote about her unusually small frame last week, Kareena light-heartedly laughed off our concern. Then the story exploded in the media, with news channels going as far as to say that the actress is suffering from bulimia (an eating disorder where people purge food they’ve eaten by inducing vomiting) and is anorexic. Needless to say, the actress is upset with such talk and wants to clear the air.

Have you lost weight because of an eating disorder?
Are you mad? I am far from anorexic! I have lost weight for my role in Tashan. I’ve been training to do some action scenes hence the sudden weight loss. It’s a great role and required me to lose weight.

So people are making an issue out of nothing?
That I have supposedly become anorexic is making national headlines and has gone completely out of hand! Everywhere I go, people ask me why I’ve lost so much weight. It feels good to know that I am so important, but I don’t want people to panic. It’s bizarre. When I put on weight people say I’m fat, when I lose it people say I’m anorexic!

Who is helping you lose weight?
I have a dietician called Roojuta and a yoga trainer from Bharat Thakur’s school, whom I hired especially for Tashan. I’m following a healthy diet and a regular workout regime and feeling great. I’ve stopped eating junk food till Tashan gets over in November. I promise that after the filming is over I will start eating everything!

What is your mother’s reaction to the rumours?
Well, she is concerned and keeps asking me to go and eat Chinese food with her (Bebo’s favourite cuisine)! However, I’m off that too for the moment. I have worked very hard in the last seven months to lose this weight, so please don’t take away from it by calling me anorexic. I just have to maintain it till November.

Some people think you’re starving yourself.
Please! I don’t starve. I am a Kapoor and our family’s middle name is food. Till a month ago, I was eating lots of junk food like sandwiches, noodles, etc., but now I am preparing for a major shooting schedule so I have to maintain my weight. I am doing lots of yoga to tone up my body. After Tashan you will get to see a curvy Kareena once again.

How much weight have you lost since you started training?
About five kilos and it’s all thanks to a healthy diet and regular exercise. Hollywood stars too have dieticians monitoring their food intake and physical exercise. When those stars lose weight why aren’t they called anorexic? 

Source: Mid-day

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