HimeshBox-office is most unpredictable! The stupendous opening of Himesh Reshammiya’s first film as an actor, AAP KAA SURROOR, has caught the entire film industry unaware. The film has opened to an earth-shattering response [95%-100%] everywhere, from East to West, from North to South. In fact, at several centres, the opening of this film is at par with KRRISH and DHOOM 2, the biggest openers of 2006. Incredible, isn’t it?

Let’s get one more thing straight. AAP KAA SURROOR is no amar prem kahani. The love story is the type we’ve watched a zillion times on the screen before. But what saves the ship from sinking is the fact that the turn of events unfold at a feverish pace and before you realize you’ve been there, seen that, you’re already watching the next link to this story.

So what’s the verdict on AAP KAA SURROOR? It’s crystal clear. The curiosity to watch HR ‘act’ will ensure his fans and foes making a beeline for movieplexes at least once. HR is sure to have his share of bouquets and brickbats. Bouquets, because the musical score of AAP KAA SURROOR is tremendous. Besides, he has handled a few emotional moments without trying to ape any actor. He’s natural. Brickbats, because the film rests on a thin plot. Plus, the writing gets so filmy that you know exactly what the film is all about, at the start itself.

All said, watch it for Himesh Reshammiya take a giant leap. At least he has the guts to chase his dreams!

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