CashMusic Director: Vishal and Shekhar; Lyrics: Vishal, Panchhi Jalonvi and Kumaar; Rating: ***

For the connoisseurs of commercial Bollywood filmy music, any musical offering from Anubhav Sinha has always been associated with high quality, full of feeling and in sync-with-time melodious music. Right from his debut movie, ‘Tum Bin’, which had some classy, chart conquering melodies, to his last offering, ‘Dus’. The title track of the latter acquired cult status, such was its popularity and made Vishal & Shekhar a force to reckon with in the film industry. So with hopes of mammoth proportions, lets check out their latest offering.

Right from the moment that the first song of the album (the title track) commences, its deadly and infectious rhythm grips the listener. Its a rollicking dance track and no points for guessing, a potential chart-buster. Afrikaana beats and sounds (as the film is based in South Africa), coupled with some superb synthesized organs sounds and the lovely fusion of traditional Indian music with that of western, all combined together makes this a fantastic composition. Vishal & Shekhar are mindblasting, both as singers and as composers. Sunidhi, as usual is top-class. The ease with which she sings the rap parts and also the traditional Hindi parts is amazing. Vishal’s lyrics, both English and Hindi are apt and convey the theme of the movie very well. This track is sure to hit the bull’s eye, and become a huge hit with the GenX and the youth. But will it be as successful as ‘Dus Bahane’? Looks like that might be difficult.

Super fast, synthesized and once again deadly rhythm commences another rollicking dance number, or item number – ‘Mind Blowing Mahiya’, picturised on Shamita Shetty. The high string base guitar has been put to good use. Whistling sounds blended with the basic background rhythm is unique and well done. The reigning queen of item numbers (post ‘Beedi’), Sunidhi Chauhan cements her place, once again with this number, after being dethroned for a while by Alisha Chinoy(‘Kajra Re’). Needless to say, she is amazing. The chorus, “You are my mind blowing mahiya”, is just superb and adds to the infectious charm of the composition.

Vishal & Shekhar promised us new sounds and tunes in ‘Cash’, and true to their word, they have delivered just that. ‘Zara Bach Ke-Kicking It Rocking It Mix’ is one such club track that does kick and rock! Single string guitar strumming and Vishal’s always loved rap commences the “in fashion” and very necessary Punjabi track. Thankfully, V-S have not gone the usual masala/UK pop bhangra way and the track is not based on any of the rehashed Punjabi folk music. The tune is radical and it takes a while to get into the groove, but it is definitely a nice and a novel attempt and a cut above the ones we are used to hearing.

One dance track follows another, and we have ‘Rehem Kare’, a soft seduction-cum-situational number. Vishal comes up with his own bit of rap that fits in the song appropriately. Afrikaana influence is present to give the desired effect. Sunidhi is at her seductive best, while at the same time, class personified. Lyrics by Panchhi Jalonvi (Anubhav’s favourite) are truly befitting the situation and of really high quality. The use of simple Urdu has been done tastefully and is easy to comprehend. Sample this – “Shamiyaana (traditional wedding ‘pandal’) meri yeh baahon ka, Aashiyana tujhpe gunahon ka, Aansaan hai ismein aana, mushkil hai isse jaana, Koi na rehem kare.”

After catering to the whims and fancies of the youth and GenX, the composition that will be loved by the masses and front-benchers is finally here. Yes! Its ‘Naughty Naughty’, the earthy rhythm is extremely catchy, though it does take more than one hearing to grow on the listener. The overall musical orchestration is kept minimal, as the singing is highlighted. Ghatam and bead sounds give it that desi touch. Anushka Manchanda’s singing is raunchy and at the same time cute. The song has been shot with a new technique, multiple mobile cameras picturised on the three sirens, Shamita Shetty, Esha Deol and Diya Mirza along with the two hunks, Riteish Deshmukh and Zayed Khan.

Synthesized Rajasthani sounds along with Vishal’s rap commences ‘Na Puchho’, the only mediocre song in the album. Vishal’s rap seems to be inspired by Himesh’s composition, ‘Tu ne mera chain wain le liya’ (‘Anthony Kaun Hai’). But what must be commended is the unique idea of combining Vishal’s “broken vocals” rapping with Sunidhi’s desi style rendition.

To sum it up, ‘Cash’ has the rare, classy-yet-commercial mix. V-S have certainly delivered the goods, making us familiar with new sounds and tunes as Anubhav promised us. Though at first hearing, the music is more radical than the rudimentary attraction of ‘Dus’. Yet, it’s bound to connect with its audience, especially with people who are sick and tired of hearing the same old rehashed tunes and sounds. The sales will definitely hit the roof, once the movie opens to full houses, next Friday. In fact, the ‘Dus’ audio (that has assumed cult status now, thanks to ‘Dus Bahane’ and its ringtone) also took a while to grow.

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