Incessant rains disrupted normal life in Mumbai yet again last week and film stars weren’t spared either. Many were forced to cancel their programmes and sit at home and they feel it’s high time the authorities took measures to end the chaos in the city.

Shabana Azmi: I had to go for a wedding to Delhi but I couldn’t reach the airport. But that was not a major concern for me. I was far more anxious about the plight of slum dwellers. Mumbai’s first priority should be to put in place a storm water drainage system in a planned manner for the next 100 years.

Ekta Kapoor: It was a terrible time for me as my basement got flooded. I had to send my cars to the neighbours’ building. I couldn’t bunk office. So I braved the torrential rains. But several of my colleagues couldn’t make it as our office cars got stuck in the middle of the road. This shouldn’t happen in Mumbai.

Kangana Ranaut: I was stuck at home. I had to go for a narration and a photo shoot. Both got cancelled. Everyone was scared to step out. Could this really happen in Mumbai? Back home in my little town in Himachal, heavy rains mean a holiday. But nobody can afford to take a day off in Mumbai. It’s such a shame. The civic authorities should immediately take steps to avoid this situation during monsoons.

Upen Patel: I chilled out at home. I sat by my window with a view outside and just stared at the rain … this always calms me. But I had the choice of staying at home and enjoying the rains indoors. What about the thousands of people who had to step out? Women and children were stranded. And what about health emergencies for elderly people?

Source: IANS

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