The Pakistan film industry is on the revival path especially after the release of the Bollywood flick, ‘Awarapan’, which is doing good business.

For the first time in many years, the Pakistan film industry is seeing an influx of ready-to screen films, including Bollywood movies.

The Chairman of the Pakistan Cinema Management Association, Qaiser Sanaullah, said this was the best moment for the industry in years.

‘The industry is bouncing back and there are a number of blockbusters in pipeline. For example, co-production ‘Kaafila’ will lure back movie buffs. It is about human trafficking, and Sunny Deol plays the role of a patriotic Pakistani officer in the film,’ he said.

Meanwhile, DHA Cinema has opened for the upmarket crowd, while other cinema halls like Alfalah are being refurbished.

A number of films are in the pipeline, waiting for release.

Sana and Sunny Deol’s ‘Kaafila’ is expected to be released on August 3, while Shoaib Mansoor’s ‘Khuda Kay Liyae’ hits the silver screens this weekend.

Bollywood stars Vinod Khanna, Arbaz Khan and Lollywood stars Meera and Ajab Gul are in the cast of the film ‘God father’, which is expected to be released on Eid-ul-Fitr.

Javed Raza’s Kabhi ‘Pyar Na Karna,’ which has an item number by Neha Dhupia besides the Lollywood star cast, is also expected to be released soon.

Film distributors are finding it hard to get good cinema halls to release their films.

Several cinema halls had closed down earlier or had been converted into theatres due to the declining popularity of films.

Source: ANI

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