Mehraj - Bollywood Actress SMSThe police have finally caught Miraj, for sending offensive sms as well as threats to over 25 actresses.

Recently, Vidya Balan was harassed by obscene sms. This was followed by a threat to kill her. She ignored it as the work of an idle person and ignored it but a half hour later she saw umpteen missed calls from the same number.

In a fright, she called her manager and he had also received a death threat. But Vidya Balan did not run from danger. She made a vow to catch the offender and bring him to justice.

The Mumbai police fulfilled her wish. Like her, other actresses who were harassed by obscene sms and death threats include Neha Dhupia, Nagma, Isha Khoppikar, Rakhi Sawant, and Lara Dutta and so on. The police arrested the culprit Miraj at Hyderabad.

The police are now testing to see if Miraj is of unsound mind or a psycho to send death threats to these actresses.

At last Bollywood actresses can be in peace from the disturbing death threats!

Source: Timesnow

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