SiddharthSiddharth played the rebellious young millionaire’s son in Rang De Basanti but has made little headway in Bollywood and it’s all because of a head refusing to bow.

Filmmakers in Bollywood are appalled by Siddharth’s attitude as though he’s doing filmmakers a big favour.

Hrithik Roshan and Aamir Khan are known to be perfectionists, but he demands a hundred explanations before he descends down from his high horse.

The shocking news though is when David Dhawan offered him a part in his new film to be produced by UTV he asked for a bound script before taking the talks further.

David has never worked with a script, nor has any actor, from Mr Bachchan to Sanjay Dutt to Govinda to Salman Khan. No one has ever asked him for a script.

Apparently Siddharth has always had an attitude problem. He’s more like a management guy than an actor. He looks at projects like an industrialist examining business prospects. This may work in Chennai, but it won’t work in Mumbai.

Source: Santabanta

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