Shilpa ShettyOn her 32nd birthday today, Shilpa Shetty has a lot to celebrate.

From a sagging career in Bollywood, this Southern belle is now geared up to set the western world ablaze, with the launch of a new perfume, a brand new musical and even a new restaurant in London, giving her very little scope to do any more Bollywood movies.

“I am so pressed for time right now, that I just cannot do any Hindi films. I have got a couple of offers, but once I do a film, I want to do it right, and put in my hundred per cent in it. However I am so busy with the launch of my new perfume in the UK and other things, that it will not be possible for me to devote any time to Bollywood as of now,” Shilpa said in an interview here.

Shetty, who features regularly in front pages of UK tabloids, is here to perform at the IIFA award here tomorrow and also to promote her new film ‘Apne’ which stars Sunny and Bobby Deol with their father Dharmendra.

“Besides my perfume launch, I am also here to finalise the details for my musical, which is called Bollywood to Broadway, and which will go on the road in November.

“I am also starting my own restaurant here in the UK in Central London, which will serve authentic Indian food. So I guess I have got a great deal on my plate as of now,” she said.

She admits that life in the UK is a “different ball game”, but says she is getting used to all the media attention that is showered upon her.

“I know it takes a lot of adjusting to, but I have received so much love and support from the people in the UK that I don’t think I mind it. I lost my baggage yesterday on my way here, and I think the whole of UK is worried about it. I have received so many calls. It’s really touching,” she said.

Even on her birthday today, Shilpa will be busy rehearsing for her performance at the awards tomorrow, in spite of being afflicted with a stiff neck.

“I know that IIFA is throwing me a huge birthday party tonight, but I really wish that the only gift I get is that my back gets better because I need to perform tomorrow night,” she added.

Source: The Hindu

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