Salman and Govinda's Daughter

The media has been going ga-ga over the identity of the mystery girl that was Salman Khan’s date to the IIFA at the weekend.

It became talk of the town when Salman Khan and current girlfriend Katrina Kaif failed to come to the award’s ceremony together, and the press were throwing around rumours that the impending marraige between the two might be off, not that Salman was ‘dating’ another younger girl.

Well we can squash all those rumours and can reveal that the girl with Salman on the green carpet was none other than Narmada Kumar, daughter of established veteran actor Govinda.

It seems as though Salman was just helping out his co-star by babysitting for the night… or was he?

Narmada - Govinda's Daughter

Source: Radiosargam

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