PartnerDavid Dhawan’s fun filled comedy with Salman Khan and Govinda in the lead has juicy and funky music to its credits, thanks to Sajid-Wajid. The duo has done a cool job in bringing in a variety of flavors in a single soundtrack. There is a certain energy and liveliness present in most of the tracks in the album, which adds to the overall cool factor of the film’s theme. There is something for everyone in the soundtrack of Partner. Let’s catch up with the review of each track…

Do U Wanna Partner (Singer:Udit Narayan, Shaan)

A catchy, cool and funky start to the soundtrack with Do U Wanna Partner. Udit Narayan and Shaan has lend the vocals for this track. Sanjay Chel’s lyrics don’t gel with the pacy music and sounds odd at times. Overall, the music is the super plus factor of this techno sound track, added to it are the jazzy latino beats and electronic beats. It will keep you entertained. The remix version of Do U Wanna Partner is an absolute discotheque bouncer. The increased tempo absorb the nerves of the beats and present the track in a different rhythm altogether.

Dupatta Tera Nau Rang Da (Singer: Sonu Nigam, Kunal Ganjawala, Shreya Ghoshal)

Dupatta Tera Nau Rang Da carries the fun initiated by Do U Wanna Partner. Sonu Nigam, Kunal Ganjawala and Shreya Ghoshal team up to deliver a rhythmic and passionate Dupatta Tera Nau Rang Da. This fast paced beats and equally raw lyrics will make you go bonkers over the track.

You’re My Love (Singer: Shaan, Shweta Pandit, Earl)

You’re My Love is a fun blend of innovative music and creative pitching but still the song does not meet the standards of a chartbuster. Earl raps blends in well with the energetic beats. Shaan and Shweta Pandit’s suit the mood of the track. The remix version of this track is bass propelled and tune into a nice groovy number. Don’t think twice before moving your feet on it.

Maria Maria (Singer: Sonu Nigam, Sunidhi Chauhan)

Good things are slowly coming to an end. After a fantastic start with the title track, the album is slowly erupting some dull ones too. Maria Maria is simply a turn off and without the support of a good video the track can be easily given a miss. Music is stale which doesn’t manage to make up for the high pitch rendition by Sonu and Sunidhi.

Soni De Nakhre (Singer: Laabh Janjuwa, Sneha Pant)

Soni De Nakhre, brings an interesting end to the soundtrack of Partner. The Punjabi pop is in full throttle with westernized musical arrangements. Laabh Janjuwa renders in a different style, not heard often. Sneha Pant also heats up the proceedings with her rendition. The pace of the track is slightly on the slower side. And of course, don’t miss the catchy and funky rhythm which sounds like Ku Du Ku.

Source: Radiosargam

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