John AbrahamMacho Bollywood star John Abraham, who is currently shooting in Pondicherry for Nagesh Kukunoor’s “Aashayen”, says the widespread speculation about his “serious rift” with Bipasha Basu is baseless.

Speaking to IANS in an exclusive interview, the suave actor said they are hurt and disturbed by the recent rumours, which are vicious attempts targeted to damage their relationship.

John, who has been constantly linked with several women by the media, said his relationship with Bipasha was strong enough to withstand any storm.

Excerpts from the interview:

Q: John, there has been a lot of talk about you and Bipasha splitting.

A: What can I say? It’s completely untrue and I wish people would let us preserve the sanctity of our relationship. I speak on behalf of Bipasha and me when I say that all is absolutely fine between us. It hurts and disturbs us when speculation is carried to this damaging level.

Bipasha and JohnQ: It isn’t speculation any more. People seem to have written your relationship off.

A: I’m shocked at the upsurge of animosity against my relationship with Bipasha.I’m surprised by the intensity of loose talk. It’s hit us like a tsunami. But our bonding is strong enough to withstand any storm. We never expected this kind of attack on not just our relationship but also our characters. People can say what they like. But we intend to remain together.

Q: But the talk must have hurt both of you. In fact, Bipasha who’s generally gregarious has suddenly become reclusive.

A: What do you expect her to do? For a man, to face this kind of talk, is easier. She’s a lady and she is under such unnecessary strain. Bipasha and I both come from very decent middle class backgrounds. Our parents taught us never to hurt anybody and certainly not hurt the person you love the most.

The way we’ve been projected in the past week has been contrary to what Bipasha and I stand for. However, we don’t need to clear the air about our feelings to anyone. What we do wish to tell people is that we need space for our relationship. What we share means a lot to both of us. We’d appreciate it if people don’t try to break down our relationship from the outside.

Q: Is Bipasha hurt about something?

A: Look, every relationship has some problems. I don’t deny we had a bit of a problem, but in this case the problems weren’t so massive as to be written about as the end of our relationship.

Every intimate relationship has a fair share of ups and downs. Why pull us up for it? I think some people took undue advantage of the fact that we had a bit of a routine problem. Bipasha and I both want to say … please respect our relationship.

Q: Easier said than done, don’t you think?

A: We both are very simple people and when our morals are questioned, we feel we’re being slapped around for nothing. There has always been gossip about our relationships with our respective co-stars, mine far more than hers, but this time the talks went overboard.

Q: But according to your well-wishers, Bipasha has split from you?

A: Well, I’m speaking on her behalf. And I’m saying we’re together.

Q: So who’s Sheetal Menon?

A: Sheetal Menon is someone I did an advertisement with. That’s all I know of her. I’ve never been in touch with her since then. I don’t want to give this any more importance. Look, I’ve been linked with every single heroine from my second film onwards.

Sheetal Menon is just one in the long line of link-ups. People will take advantage of these imagined link-ups and try to break my relationship with the woman I love. Yesterday it was Vidya Balan, today it’s Sheetal Menon. Tomorrow it’ll be someone else.

Q: But this lady seems to have upset Bipasha more than your other link-ups?

A: Bipasha is too clear-headed to believe in all this. I’m very fair and transparent to Bipasha … That could be because I hardly wear anything (laughs).

JohnQ: You seem to have a growing population of well wishers in Mumbai.

A: (laughs) I know what you mean. I’m aware of that. You tell me why I’ve so many ‘well wishers’. I never did anything to earn this. I’ve gone out of my way to create good vibes around me. I’m here to do my work and carry on with my life.

What can I do if I still manage to instigate people? I’m here to do my job. I don’t complicate anybody’s life. I expect people not to complicate mine. I’m shocked that something so untoward could be done to our relationship.

Q: What practical steps are you taking to win back Bipasha?

A: Like I said, everything is fine between us. She’s coming to join me in Pondicherry where I’m shooting now. In fact, I’m staying at a hotel of her choice. If you remember, we shot our first film ‘Jism’ in Pondicherry and now she joins me here. It’d be just like old times.

Source: IANS

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