Hrishita BhattSix years after she made her acting debut, Hrishitaa Bhatt still hasn’t got a firm foothold in Bollywood.

Hrishitaa has had her chances. She has done leading roles with actors like Abhishek Bachchan and Vivek Oberoi . She also played an important role in Shah Rukh Khan’s home production Asoka . But none of these chances translated into success for Hrishitaa.

According to Hrishitaa, the main setback in her acting career was that she never gave her undivided attention to it. Alongside films, she was also focusing on her studies. Consequently, she could never do too many films.

As a further setback, Hrishitaa chose non-glamourous roles in some films. Although her performance was appreciated, it did not bring her more offers from filmmakers in Bollywood.

Now, Hrishitaa is planning an image overhaul. She plans to start her film career afresh. And she is not averse to a little bit exposure if needs be.

“I have always wanted to play bold roles, though not necessarily roles that require me to show skin. But in my forthcoming films, one will see me in bold roles, which are kind of revealing,” a website quotes Hrishitaa as saying.

Well, another belle gone bold.

Source: Apunkachoice

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