Chain Kulli Ki Main KulliStarring: Rahul Bose and Zain Khan; Directed By: Kituu Salooja; Rating: **

Central character Karan believes in this film that there is some magic in his cricket bat.

Similarly there is definitely some magic in treatment by debutant director Kituu Salooja that retains your interest till the end of the movie, which is no small thing in a non-starcast, non-romantic, modest budget film. It qualifies to be a light hearted, fun filled film that promises to break the barrier between the kiddie flick and the adult flick.

Though the background is Cricket, but the film works more for the amazing chemistry, between 13-yr old debutant Zain Khan and Rahul Bose.

Another plus point in film is it is devoid of any genre, so no overdose of melodrama, preachings (for kids) or dramatic moments. It is slick and crisp, plain, simple, fast paced, a 96-minute roller-coaster ride.

On flipside though, there is scope in development of Climax. The track involving Rahul’s strained relations with his father is also under developed. But that can be ignored, as it is a treat for whole family at the end of summer time. – Sandhir Flora.

Source: Santabanta

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