Chak De India Wallpapers, Chak De India Movie Pictures, Chak De India Mobile Wallpapers, Chak De India Images GalleryIt has been nine months since we last saw him on the big screen and now Shah Rukh Khan is all set to return with Yashraj Film’s Chak De India.

The King Khan has already shot for his next two films, director Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om which he is producing and Chak De India directed by former Ram Gopal Varma protégé Shimit Amin.

But more than coming back on the big screen, SRK is excited about something else.

“I am launching 17 new girls this year between Om Shanti Om and Chak De India. These 16 girls come from different walks of life and the film is about how they and me go on to accomplish our dreams in Chak De India,” Shah Rukh says.

SRK says Chak De India is an “intense” film and he is looking forward to it because “the film speaks about the role of women in our country through sports.  It’s about the kind of difficulties or problems that a woman faces when she wants to make a choice. In this case we have taken hockey as a premise.”

Chak De India hits screens on August 10, and SRK fans should get set to welcome him back with a whole new look.

Source: Ibnlive

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