Mike Tyson in BollywoodFormer heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson is packing in punches for his Bollywood debut.

Tyson is now an item boy in the promotional video of Ahmed Khan’s film Fool N Final.

Though Tyson was to shoot in India it was later shot it Las Vegas due to security reasons and date problems. So why Mike Tyson?

When asked why Ahmed chose Mike Tyson, the director said, “Somebody will get Shakira, somebody Tata Young. I said lets get somebody who is not a usual thing. We thought of Mike Tyson, and got him.”

Ahmed also said he was a little skeptical about shooting with Tyson, having heard stories about his mood swings. But it turned out to be a completely different experience.

“When I shot with him, he was more humble than I could be. So his level of thinking was changed in that last 10 years. He is no more that iron Mike Tyson. He is soft mike Tyson now,” said Ahmed.

When asked if casting him cost a bomb in the producer’s pocket, Ahmed said, “Bomb. It cost a missile not a bomb.”

We hope the missile does doesn’t miss out the box office target.

Source: Ibnlive

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