The response to the two films is diverse. METRO has found patronage at multiplexes, while GOOD BOY BAD BOY found its followers at single screens, dominated by masses.

As predicted, the opening of METRO at multiplexes of big cities was better and it picked up during the evening shows. However, the reports are mixed. On the other hand, Emraan Hashmi has a loyal following amongst masses and this reflected in the opening numbers of GOOD BOY BAD BOY at single screens. However, the reports are negative. The question is, will the two movies sustain beyond the initial weekend? 

Meanwhile, SPIDER-MAN 3 continues its victorious march in its second weekend. The 8th day [Friday, 11th May] was rock-steady… TA RA RUM PUM has declined considerably… BHEJA FRY is steady on the lower side… VIVAH has opened at a few more centres this Friday. There’s no stopping this film! 

Source: Indiafm

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