Bollywood MovieThe success that SPIDERMAN-3 has achieved in India has been unprecedented and it has whetted the appetite of the distributors of the Hollywood films that they have tightened their girdles to give even a Amitabh Bachchan a run for his money by releasing the sequel number three of PIRATES OF CARRIBEAN on the very same day when ABs JHOOM BARABAR JHOOM is going to be released along with Rajnikant’s mega starrer SHIVAJI.

The success has confounded even the biggie producers of the film industry as it has got the success across the whole spectrum of the market and in multiple languages, especially so in Bhojpuri, where the returns have been phenomenal. This has set the cat among the pigeons, as this segment, the predominantly Hindi speaking belt, particularly UP and Bihar, supposedly out of the orbit for the majority of the film makers, has given a message that if something is delivered to them into their medium and it has a novelty embedded into it, then they would go for it.

Bollywood MoviesTamil and Telugu as a category already was in existence for the industry giving a tough competition to the Hindi film industry, and with the opening up of a new territory in the form of Bhojpuri belt is going to be nightmarish if the same is ignored by the producers of the Hindi films.

The success of SPIDERMAN-3 has also driven home the point for the Hindi film industry that the end of the day for the DVD-inspired stories is just around the corner, as it is the content which is driving the market and not the gloss. There needs to be a serious rethink on the part of the industry to get out of the vortex of seeking inspiration from Hollywood DVDs and to go in for some original scripts, as the Hollywood films otherwise is being released simultaneously in the country along the same time when it is being released all over the world. The question of copying the theme from a super hit Hollywood film would not therefore arise, as the audience would be able to discern that it is a copy after all. May be, this onslaught would be a manna from the heaven for Hindi film fraternity to start looking for fresh ideas to survive and outsmart the invasion which has started making severe dent into the revenue indicative from the fact that even veterans like Yash Raj Films is thinking about entering into distribution business of Hollywood films.

Source: Glamsham

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