Ek Chalis Ki Last LocalDirector: Sanjay Khanduri; Cast: Abhay Deol, Neha Dhupia, Snehal Dhabi, Deepak Shirke; Rating: **

The tagline puts it across, “Dhaai ghante mein dhaai crore”—2.5 crores in 2.5 hours. Ek Challis Ki Last Local is uncertain, riotous with alarming twists thrown in to the plot. The film is directed by debuntante Sanjay Khanduri and stars Abhay Deol and Neha Dhupia in pivotal roles.

The film can be easily classified as an entertainer which engrosses you in the various incidents that take place during the course of the film. The story is out of the box and conceptually rich. Such films are on the rise as the urban audience looks out for content rather than mere star cast.

Ek Challis Ki Last Local is the story of Nilesh (Abhay Deol) fraught under the pressure of his circumstances for complete two and a half hours and then emerging triumphant with two and a half crores. The movie is knitted with a string of interconnected stories which change the life of Nilesh in a night. Nilesh is a call center associate and this event changes his whole life altogether. Nilesh has missed his train to Vikhroli and has two and a half hours to kill before the next local arrives.

Madhu (Neha Dhupia) has also missed her train and as fate has its call, the duo find themselves getting together and soon seated in a desi bar for passing their time before their next train arrives. Lots of incidents take place one after the other, which are certain to make you smile as well as look out in shock. One of which is gambling, where Nilesh tries to make some quick buck.

Snehal Dhabi will play the role of a eunuch named ‘Habiba Bai’ in the film. But the character demands much more than a-man-clad-in-saree. Elaborating on his role, director Khandoori explains, “Snehal plays the head eunuch who runs the entire community and does the monetary collections.”

Shirke also plays a pivotal role of an extortionist in the film and is shown attracted to men. There is a hilarious sequence where Shirke gags Abhay Deol and ties him to the bed to indulge in a gay activity.

Overall, the film is flawless but the editing could have been better as at various points the narration looses its crispness due to the length of the film. The film has its moments and engrosses you slowly and smoothly into the context of the characters.

The characters can be related with real life, especially people in big cities and urban areas will easily relate with the setting. The various incidents and characters will make you laughs more than just a few times.

Director Sanjay Khanduri has hit the bull’s eye in his very first attempt as a director. The debutante easily qualifies as a fantastic story teller. The cinematography has its own flavor and goes on well with the plot of the film. The background score of Amar Mohile is a bit loud and harsh, which should have been noticed by the makers of the film.

Acting wise, Abhay Deol portrays his character with extreme calmness and honest expressions. Neha Dhupia too comes up with a fine performance as she unravels her real identity in the latter part of the film. Snehal Dhabi is brilliant, and so is Deepak Shirke.

Ek Challis Ki Last Local boasts of a totally new plot with some unexpected twists. It is unpredictable yet it sails smoothly into the minds of the viewers.

Source: Radio Sargam

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