Koena MitraRecently, when Koena Mitra was sunbathing at the poolside of the J W Marriott hotel in Juhu, she experienced a rather distressing situation.

But trust the feisty Bong actress to put some rather ill-mannered boys in their place.

Says a source close to the actress, “Last Sunday, Koena was sunbathing in a restricted area of the Marriott poolside when two young guys started shooting her on a cell phone.

Initially, Koena didn’t notice as they were doing it from afar, but then these guys cheekily came up to her and said they wanted her to say something into the phone!”

Koena MitraWhat happened next was something straight out of any cell phone owner’s nightmare. Says the source, “Koena calmly agreed to the boys’ demand and took the cell phone in her hand. She then flung it into the water and blasted the boys for invading her privacy.”

Koena was angry and aghast at the incident, and fortunately, the hotel staff came to her defence. “The boys were immediately asked to leave the hotel.

Koena is a very no-nonsense person and she doesn’t believe in mincing words. The boys had no business walking into a restricted area and shooting a video without permission,” says the friend.

The hotel staff apologised to Koena and were very nice about the whole affair and have assured the actress that an incident like this won’t happen again.

Koena, who is currently shooting in Madh Island, says, “The incident did take place, but I don’t want to comment on it.”

Source: Mid-Day

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