Cheeni KumMusic Director: Ilayaraja
Singers: Shreya Ghoshal, Vijay Prakash
Ratings: ***

Ilayaraja comes to Bollywood to experiment and ends up creating an amazing album. With seven tracks to boast about, including two instrumental numbers, the soundtrack of “Cheeni Kum” is music to the ears.

Recommended to all, especially, those who’re great classical music fans and those who’ve had enough of the Reshammiyas and Maliks.

Here’s a clear winner! “Cheeni kum” is already on air and it has generated great response. Shreya Ghoshal goes solo in this track and amazes everyone with her sweet, innocent and melodic voice.

The song is a great romantic piece that suits the theme of the movie. T. Ilayaraja’s music is hummable and when combined with Ghoshal’s rendition results in wonders.

Continuing the romantic mood is the next song, “Baatein hawa” sung by Shreya. The teamwork is great without forgetting the pleasant lyrics by Manoj Tapadia and Sameer.

After hearing these two songs, you can’t picture anyone else for the female voice because one grows accustomed to Shreya.

Shreya takes over “Jaane do na” too, another romantic piece with great results again. With this song also, the maverick composer has created music that gives you a feeling of being nice, pure and simple. A little mischievous in its lyrics, the track is such that will take some time to grow on listeners but will definitely after repeated hearings.

One doesn’t even mind if the song is approximately five and a half minutes long because it’s not the jarring music that everyone’s coming out with.

“Sooni Sooni”, with Vijay Prakash behind the vocals, is a different version of “Cheeni kum”, probably picturised on Amitabh. Like its original, this too is a good piece of music and Prakash is amazing with his pitch. Not to forget that his voice suits the Big B’s persona.

The movie is not complete without the two instrumental tracks. “Melody saxophone” goes first and is obviously saxophone at its best. Being a background score, it’s the kind that must be used on a situation developing some interest.

Plus, there’s “Theme melody”, which has the piano belting out nice musical notes and combined with the other instruments to create a ‘nice-to-hear’ theme track.

After going through the album, one really expects Ilayaraja to not pack his bags and leave for south again but to stay on and create some more heart- warming soundtracks that have been missing in Bollywood for quite long.

Source: Santabanta

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