Suman and Bunty WeddingProducer Bunty Walia and starlet Suman Ranganathan’s marriage, which took place on August 25 last year, lasted barely eight months before things went horribly wrong.

On May 14, when HITLIST broke the news of their separation, Bunty chose not to reveal the reasons for the split.

But on Tuesday, the producer let his guard down in an heart-to-heart talk with our reporter Vickey Lalwani at his Pali Hill residence.

Says Bunty, “I’m still not sure I want to talk about this, but I guess it’s time I cleared the air and put all rumours to rest.”

Bunty WaliaSo what went wrong between Suman and you?

I guess it’s my fault. I gave her too much too soon — freedom, liberty, love, affection, sincerity and dedication, which probably went to her head. She misused it.

Misused it? You mean she married you with an agenda?

It seems that way now. After betraying me and tarnishing my family’s image, she had the cheek to send me a notice demanding Rs 2 lakh per month as alimony, a flat in Pali Hill and a car!

It is rumoured that she even decamped with your family’s jewels and some money?

It seems that she forgot to return them.

Didn’t your friends in the industry warn you about Suman?

Everybody has a past, but I was ready to take that chance because Suman came across as a wonderful and homely person. Today, I’ve realised that it was a ploy.

Your problems with her started because of her proximity to one of her cousins, right?

We had our share of problems, but yes, I was very disturbed about her ‘fondness’ for a distant cousin who had come from abroad for his father’s funeral. She had met him for the very first time then.

She started visiting his house regularly and would stay till very odd hours. She often took him out for coffee, lunches and dinners, which I found ridiculous, and brought to her and her family’s notice.

Then?Her obsession for this cousin seemed rather strange. After I objected to her proximity to him, she started meeting him on the sly and continued
to SMS him and chat with him on the internet with a webcam. This continued even after he left India. I have proof of this.


Suman RanganathanYou called for an itemised bill of her cell number?

Yes. Her cell phone was always busy and her excuse was that she was speaking to her parents, which couldn’t have been further from the truth. A scrutiny of her bill for only the period between February 6 and March 6 revealed the greatest shock a married man can get.

Suman had spoken for 34 hours to a particular number in that 30-day period, which clearly suggests her intentions and intensity regardingthe person to whom that number belonged.

Whose number was it? Did it belong to that cousin?No. The story with her cousin began in March this year. This bill was for the month of February. The number belonged to a male trainer at the gym she had been attending with great vigour everyday, even going on Sundays.


Did you meet that trainer?Yes.


What happened on April 24?After I confronted her with such overwhelming evidence, Suman packed her bags and left. She was neither apologetic nor was there any remorse, which confirmed that she is an encyclopedia of contradictions and lies.


How have your parents reacted to this?My parents are shattered by Suman’s behaviour as it has caused everybody so much hurt, pain, humiliation and embarrassment. Like me, they loved her very much.


What happens now?My lawyer, Satish Maneshinde, has replied to the notice she had the gall to send me, and from there on the law will take its course.


What happens to Suman?

SumanI don’t know, but I have been betrayed and shamed. However, I still wish her the best. She is not a bad person, but she definitely needs to get her head examined. I would like to give her a piece of advice through your paper:


The institution of marriage is sacrosanct. Don’t get married if you can’t abide by it, because apart from destroying the person you are married to, you are also destroying his family.

Will you fall in love and get married again?Marriage, I don’t know. Love, yes. It is a beautiful emotion, but I’ll be doubly careful the next time.


Source: Mid-Day

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