Nisha Kothari is upset about rumours that she is quitting Bollywood for a career in the South 
Nisha KothariRam Gopal Varma’s protégée and former blue-eyed babe is quite the bubbly one these days. It’s not joy she’s bubbling over; it’s rage.

The actress sounds miffed when we ask her if she’s seriously packing bag and baggage and moving to a career in South Indian films.

“This is completely false. While I started my career with the Tamil film Jai Jay (opposite R Madhavan), I have done one Telegu film, Okka Magadu, with Balakrishnan.

I haven’t done any other South films since. This is not to say that I don’t enjoy working in South films, as they have always been good films, but I am not quitting Bollywood.”

Only the money

It has been reported that she has signed another Tamil film with newcomer Nitin, but Nisha maintains, “This is news to me. I have no idea about this film.

When the director of Okka Magadu congratulated me for signing this film with Nitin, I was shocked because I had done nothing of the kind. Someone down South is spreading rumours about me.”

Nisha says she is happy with the work she’s doing in Bollywood, and recently shot for a music video with Fardeen Khan for Darling. “Everybody wants to do a lot of work, but I have no plans of leaving Bollywood.

However, I will continue to do South films that give me a good role and good money. In fact, I do South films mostly because of the money,” she admits.

As for her alleged link-up mentor Ramu, she says her family is far more tolerant than she is about things like this. “These false stories don’t bother my family at all.

Sometimes I feel they are far more liberal than I am. I often end up fighting with my father because I get upset that he doesn’t question me or ask me to clarify these rumours!”

Nisha’s upcoming Hindi releases include RGV’s Sholay and the stuck-in-the-doldrums Go.

Source: Mid-Day

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