Ta Ra Rum PumThere is a particular kind of music that one expects from different kind of movies coming from the house of Yash Raj Films.

If it is an action thriller like Dhoom 2, you are sure that what you would get would be on the lines of Dhoom, which means something that is fast paced, racy and high on rhythm.

If it is a mature love story like Fanaa, then it has to be highly romantic, something which could be on the lines of a Veer Zaara.

If it is Kabul Express, then of course it has to be something which is out of the box and breaks the norms.

And last but not the least; if it is Ta Ra Rum Pum, it has to follow a young and peppy theme of music, as heard in its predecessors belonging to a similar genre – Hum Tum and Salaam Namaste.

This is the reason why there are set expectations when you lay your hands on the album of Ta Ra Rum Pum. And this is the reason why there is a certain predictability that one looks for (no harm in that, after all this is the way the brand has made a place at the top for itself) in the music here by Vishal Shekhar with lyrics by Javed Akhtar.

So you pretty much anticipate that there would be one or two we-are-one-family kind of songs since the film has Saif Ali Khan and Rani Mukherjee playing a married couple with two kids, a sad song, a ‘bhangra’ number (it would be criminal to leave one out in a Yash Raj Film) and at least one sugar-coated melody-rich love song.

Does one get all of this? Of course yes. The fact is that you get what you expected, though one would have been even happier if there was a surprise or two round the corner as well!

Saif Ali Khan opens up the title song ‘Ta Ra Rum Pum’ by stating that the song is a story about 4 guys – Ta, Ra, Ma and Pa where Ta and Ra stands for the two kids while Ma and Pa of course means the mom and dad! The video of this song which is on air shows animated characters which dance along with the actors.

A happy number nonetheless, it has a good rhythm built through the sound of whistle that plays on throughout the track and gets that extra peppy feel to the proceedings. Sweet and instantly catchy, the song has good rendition by Shaan and especially Mahalakshmi Iyer who does well in singing as per the style required for a feel-good film like ‘Ta Ra Rum Pum’. Sneha Suresh and Shravan Suresh add on their vocals for the kids and do well to compliment the mood set by Shaan and Mahalaxmi. A trademark YRF song for a peppy situation that was always expected to kick-start the proceedings!

It’s time for some walk-in-the-moon as the rhythm of ‘Sooraj Hua Madham’ [Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham] is interspersed with the melody of ‘My Dil Goes Mmmm’ [Salaam Namaste] to create a beautiful track ‘Hey Shona’. And guess what, in spite of the similarity factor, one still would love to hook on to ‘Hey Shona’ since it is a kind of number that would make any loving heart beat faster when it is on.

While Shaan is subtle and is just the voice that Saif Ali Khan would have loved to have while he is in a singing mode, what comes across as quite a delight is Sunidhi Chauhan who is so subtle and soft that one has to check the credits to ascertain if the girl behind the mike is indeed her. ‘Hey Shona’ has just the right ingredients that a love song in a young film starring Saif And Rani would have warranted and yet again Vishal Shekhar and Javed Akhtar saab ensure that they deliver what was very much expected from them.

‘Nachle Ve’ is a number that could almost be a mandate for a film maker if he or she was making something for the house of Chopras or Johars! Yet another peppy number, this time around it incorporates the dance factor in it as well as Vishal Shekhar bring on the elements of their own ‘Cham Se Wo Aa Jaaye’ [Dus] . Expect a grandeur picturisation for this track that is just not for the sake of acting as filler but actually has a part of the story narrated through it.

A number about looking up in life and moving ahead, ‘Nachle Ve’ by Sonu Nigam and Sowmya Raoh may not be the best or the most original of the North Indian dance numbers that you may have heard in a high profile film but Vishal and Shekhar ensure that they still maintain good standards.

Sound of a piano at the beginning ‘Ta Ra Ra Ra Rum TaRaRumPum’ reminds of the 60s era when Rajendra Kumar was a regular behind the piano in almost each of his films. The rhythm set here is that of the theme music of ‘Ta Ra Rum Pum’ that was heard earlier in the opening title track. Shreya Ghoshal, who has fast taken over Alka Yagnik (who till 2 years back would have been an automatic choice for a number like this), does a very good job while crooning this track.

Most likely based on a situation where the family is facing a rough time after a tragedy striking them in the form of Saif’s accident in the film, this is an inspirational track where everyone comes together to form a bond of togetherness and brings on the power to face the challenge. The flow of the song remains same as the opening song but it is mainly the pace, arrangements and the rendition that follow a subtle route. A good track yet again which if picturised well [which it should be in all likelihood] should result in at least a few moist eyes in an auditorium.

Remember Vishal Dadlani’s husky rendition in the opening of ‘Mama Told Me’ [Ek Ajnabee]? He does something similar at the very beginning of ‘Ab To Forever’ before K.K., a regular with Vishal Shekhar and Pritam, takes over to get into his much expected high-spirited zone and croon a rhythmic love song. A song where a man is trying to woo his girl while the girl is showing all ‘nakhras’, ‘Ab To Forever’ that has Shreya Ghoshal as the co-singer, sticks to the basics. What was required out here was a feel-good track that had all the potential to boast of lively visuals with some striking choreography and ‘Ab To Forever’ doesn’t disappoint in those aspects.

After ‘Mitwa’ [Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna], it’s time to hear yet another sufi-rock track in the form of ‘Saaiyaan’ though it has been paced differently and arrives for a different situation altogether. More than anything else, what comes across as a real surprise is the new facet of Vishal Dadlani as he croons in a manner that has never been heard before from him in a Bollywood flick.

For the first time in the album, there arrives a song where a singer tries to sing differently from how one expected him or her to. Vishal ensures that he simply lets himself go ahead with a free hand and the result is there to be seen as a renders an inspirational track about moving ahead in life while leaving the mishaps of the past behind and ignore the troubles of the present.

One can almost imagine the situation where the song arrives as ‘Saaiyaan’ is a kind of number that should arrive in at least a couple or more situations as a part of the background track. A well written track, it may not be of the kind that comes with a chartbuster tag but has in it to go quite well along with the situation.

Though the album does sound nice, at the corner of the heart one did hope at the beginning that ‘Ta Ra Rum Pum’ may just about surprise by having at least a song or two that would be unlike a core YRF feel good soundtrack. Nevertheless, that could be termed as just one expectation not being met as overall the music works well with Vishal, Shekhar and Javed Akhtar saab delivering what they were required to in ‘Ta Ra Rum Pum’.

The album has at least two sure shot hits in the form ‘Ta Ra Rum Pum’ and ‘Hey Shona’ and with good visuals to match, one can count ‘Nachle Ve’ and ‘Ab To Forever’ to go an extra distance too.

Source: Indiafm

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