Kangana RanautSuneel Darshan’s Shaka Laka Boom Boom released last Friday but the inner circles of Bollywood are still abuzz with the cold war between the two leading ladies of the film, Celina Jaitly and Kangana Ranaut, during the making of the film. It’s highly unlikely the two will ever work together again in the future.

Says a source, “Kangana always resented the fact that Celina was given attention by everyone from Bobby Deol to Upen Patel.

Celina’s a friendly and a easy-going girl, while Kangana is reserved, but it wasn’t their temperaments that were a problem. It all started during a shooting schedule in  South Africa.

Reveals an insider, “One day, Celina was not needed on the set, so she was asked to come in later than Kangana.

When she walked into the sets much later, Kangana shouted at the assistant director and accused the unit of meting out preferential treatment to Celina.

Kangana and her hairdresser would talk and bitch about Celina in Himachali language saying ‘billi aa gayi’ etc, under the impression that Celina wasn’t familiar with the language.

But Celina is the daughter of an army man, has lived all over the country and understands many local languages. However she chose to maintain a dignified silence.”

Producer-director Suneel Darshan when contacted, admits, “There was no in-your-face aggression. When two actresses are in a film together, sometimes these things happen.

Celina is a very warm person and would always make Kangana feel comfortable. Kangana is a little child but I am sure she will balance everything out at the right time.”

When asked about the promotional events of Shaka Laka which Kangana cancelled, Darshan says, “Kangana told me she was unwell and couldn’t attend.

It came as a surprise when I read that she managed to go to another party the same day but I don’t grudge her anything. I’d have loved to have her there.

We had four shows in India and she only came for the Delhi one. It’s been great working with Celina. She’s a professional, very disciplined, a filmmaker’s delight.” And Kangana? “She’s a good artiste and has the ability to deliver.

Some-times success throws people off balance. I’m sure Kangana will come back to understanding what cinema is all about soon.”

Source: Mid-Day

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