Jiah KhanEveryone is saying that director Ram Gopal Varma has moved in with Jiah Khan and they are living together. A strong rumour of RGV having a living-in relationship with Jiah has been doing the rounds. When we contacted Jiah Khan about this, she trashed it as a rumour. “Thank god it’s just a rumour, or else my mom would have killed me! Poor lady, she has been looking for an eligible bachelor for me. Forget my mother, what about my boyfriend in London. What would he think?”

So, Jiah is not single it seems. “Like any other teenager would have a boyfriend, I too have one. What’s the big deal?” she says. Then what could be the reason of her being linked to RGV? “Well, Ramu is the only film personality I know. Lately the media has been writing about my ‘breakup’ with Ramu.If he had any problems with me then he would have called me and told me so right away. Ramu is an extremely straightforward person. He wouldn’t convey his message via media,” says Jiah.

Source: Zeenews

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