Priyanka ChopraSkimpy clothes and raunchy dances may titillate audiences, but the true art of sensuality is something else according to Priyanka Chopra .

The former Miss World feels that sensuality lies in a woman’s eyes.

 ”Sensuality is in a woman’s eyes rather than the clothes she wears,” Priyanka said in an interview recently.

“Sensuality will have a degree of exposure but one should look attractive and beautiful and not vulgar,” Priyanka added.

“Sensuality is only a part of movies but it is not the only thing.

“It should be in the body language of a woman and not by being cheap,” said Priyanka, who has acted in about 30 films and has seven set for release this year.

As a young girl, Priyanka did not nurse any acting dreams, but said the Miss World title pitchforked her into films. She signed her first film in 2002.

“I got offers for films and I thought there was nothing wrong in giving it a shot,” said Priyanka, who received death threats from conservative vigilantes after winning a beauty pageant.

“Thankfully everything fell in place,” Priyanka added.

Source: Apunkachoice

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