Film: Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd” Cast: Shabana Azmi, Boman Irani, Abhay Deol, Minisha Lamba, Ranveer Shorey, Diya Mirza, Sandhya Mridul, Vikram Chatwal, Amisha Patel, Karan Kapoor, Kay Kay Menon, Raima Sen; Director: Reema Kagti;
Rating: **

So all right. This isn’t your perfect guide to a successful marriage. But the honeymooning couples here make you wonder if weddings are planned in places far below heaven.

Reema Kagti’s debut film “Honeymoon Travels Pvt Ltd” has enough chutzpah to keep you purring at the blend of parody and pathos. Once you get into the narrative groove of these imperfectly matched couples riding into a hectic, hilarious honeymoon in Goa, you’re in for a minor treat.

Even if you haven’t been on a honeymoon, get a load of these feisty honeymooners, feasting on the first flush of love, romance, sex and bickering on a trip that makes us smile for a mile and chuckle for a brief way too.

What really holds the film together are the players. Everyone from the commanding Shabana to the sassy Raima are out to have fun. And there’re some picturesque whispers about how a marriage can go wrong at its startling start.

Watch newly married husbands Vikram Chatkwal and Karan Kapoor getting attracted to each other while their respective wives scratch their heads wondering why the bed seems so dead.

Sassy, savvy and sometimes slippery – deftly written scenes and lines carry the narrative forward with nimble savoir faire. Debutant director Reema Kagti knows her cinema with a prideful originality.

Whether sensitive (watch the sequence where Boman and Shabana check out his lost ancestral property in Goa) or plain wacky (watch Kay Kay lose his marbles to lead the entire cast in a trance dance on a boat), you can’t trace “Honeymoon Travels…” back to any source.

The performances are all almost uniformly effervescent. Every actor works within his or her limits to create a portable universe of credible emotions. Kay Kay and Raima, as the timid husband and bindaas wife are particularly endearing.

And you simply have to see Abhay and Minissha do the Lambada to know they are made for each other — at least in this film. But you wish Kagti hadn’t turned this made-for-each-the pair into Superman and Supergirl.

Shabana and Boman create their own magic. Though considering their histrionic stature, you wish there was more space for them.

The nimble editing allows no space to miss anything beyond the pace. Not breathless but brisk, “Honeymoon Travels…” moves on confident feet. It doesn’t purport to make serious statements on the quality of life and marriage.

Instead it tells you to loosen up about issues that would generally address large amount of tissues.



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