Kangana with AdityaShe is nineteen years old and he is forty plus. Is there something really brewing between Kangana Ranaut and her mentor Aditya Pancholi .

When Kangana came to Mumbai three years ago, she had just one person to rely on: Aditya Pancholi, a good-hearted but short-tempered man who never rose in Bollywood to have a flourishing career himself. But he became a guide and mentor to Kangana, helping her in making contacts with producers and filmmakers.

In the course of time, Kangana almost became a family member to Aditya, who, by the way, is married to Zarina Wahab and has a cute daughter Sanaa.

Not just to Kangana, Aditya became close to her parents and sister also.

But the closeness between Kangana and Aditya became the subject of media reports. Rumours began that the two were having an affair. Gossips got some legitimacy when Kangana said in an interview that she was like sister to Aditya’s daughter Sanaa (indirectly implying that she was like a daughter to Aditya), but Pancholi denied it strongly.

Pancholi instead chose to call Kangana “a very dear friend” for whom he “care very much” and for whom he has “the best of intentions.”

Sources in film circles were even quoted as saying that Aditya is very possessive about Kangana.

This assertion was vindicated recently when Aditya had a heated argument with Kangana at 1.00 am in the dead of the night at Lokhandwala complex. Kangana was traveling by an auto rickshaw when Aditya stopped her and told her to get into his car. The actress refused and stepped inside another rickshaw instead.

Next morning, the tabloids were full of this spat between Kangana and her mentor.

Pancholi, who admits he has temper problem, has denied that Kangana is his girlfriend. But he says he feels deeply for her.

Such contradictory statements have lent more ambiguity to this ‘scandalous affair’, if we can call it so.

Source: Apunkachoice

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