Celina JaitleyActress Celina Jaitley ’s liberal views on Valentine’s Day have sparked a protest in Indore.

Just last week, Celina was in Indore to attend a local event and promote her forthcoming movie Red .

In the press conference, Celina was asked her views on Valentine’s Day. The actress reportedly said that Indian constitution allows us to celebrate any festival we liked and to celebrate V-Day was a matter of individual choice. And she added that those who wish to express their love on this day should be allowed to do so.

But Celina’s opinion did not go down well with the people who think that V-Day is against Indian culture.

So protests began on the streets of Indore. Celina’s posters and effigies were burnt. Some groups have also said that they won’t allow Celina’s movie ‘Red’ to be screened in Indore.

The reaction of people has shocked Celina. And she doesn’t want to comment anything on the issue anymore. Perhaps this is the price one pays for speaking openly in the world’s largest democracy.

Meanwhile, the producers of ‘Red’ have said that there are no plans to postpone the release of the film. As planned, the movie will hit the theatres on March 2.

Source: Apunkachoice

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