Shilpa Shetty in tearsLast night Shilpa ended up in floods of tears.

She made a roast chicken for the group – only for Jo to refuse it.

“I don’t trust that chicken. I want to eat it but I’m scared,” Jo complained, claiming it was undercooked and too spicy.

The bullying has become so bad that ex-Steps star Ian claimed: “It’s turning into that film – Lord Of The Flies.”

“Were they bullying Shilpa last night?” asked Jermaine Jackson today.

“Yeah,” Ian replied. “I’m not playing those games. I’m not going to be part of it.”

Shilpa emerged from the bedroom hiding her eyes behind dark glasses.



She put on a brave face, insisting: “This will make me into a stronger person.”

Jermaine reckoned Shilpa should use her martial arts training, advising her to “whip out some of that kung fu”.

The Jackson Five star said of Jade, Jo and Danielle: “They have their club. Maybe it’s an age thing.”

He told Shilpa: “Jade can’t read you because she’s not on your level. It’s like going to a meeting and it all going over your head. You have to stay true to the person in your heart.”

And in the words of his brother Michael, he told her: “Look at the song Man In The Mirror. They need to look in the mirror before they can make that change.”

:: The housemates are facing some sticky moments in their new shopping task.

The nine celebrities must take part in the Red Carpet assault course.

Dressed in ballgowns and tuxedos, they will have nine minutes to negotiate a course set up in the garden.

Obstacles include a gunge-filled “VIP Pit” and a “Champagne Fountain”.

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