Shilpa Shetty Racist RemarksShilpa Shetty has apparently been at the receiving end of some racist remarks in the house of Big Brother.

Shilpa, who is one of the ‘hottest’ contestants of UK television show Celebrity Big Brother, continues to hold her position in the house in the show’s second week, much to the annoyance of certain other contestants in the house.

Jack Tweedy, for instance, has been bitching about Shilpa with his girlfriend Jade, and he has allegedly made a racist remark against Shilpa, calling her “you bloody Paki”.

‘Paki’ is a derogatory term mostly used by the whites in UK and Canada to insult a South Asian.

Although the television channel airing the programme is said to have muted the word with a beep sound, but the movement of Jack’s lips reveal what he said.

Shilpa was reportedly shocked at hearing the comment but she did not respond. Apparently, she deems Jacks remark not worth responding, and very rightly so.

Meanwhile, Shilpa has lent her support to PETA in UK. And the Animal activists in their turn are encouraging voters to back Shilpa to become the show’s next winner.

Source: Apunkachoice

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