Kudiyon Ka Hai ZamanaWriter-director Amar Butala’s first movie Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamaana is like a poor man’s version of ‘Sex And The City’.

The movie is supposed to be a lighthearted comedy sprinkled with some tear-jerking moments. But it neither makes you laugh, nor moves you emotionally. Yes, it does titillate a bit, thanks to Mahima Chaudhary and Kim Sharma .

The film tells the story of four friends: Mayuri ( Rekha ), Natasha ( Vasundhara Das ), (Kim Sharma) and Anjali (Mahima Chaudhary). They meet regularly at a beauty parlour where they do their girlie talk.

Mayuri, the eldest of them all, has a history of failed relationships behind her. Natasha is expecting her first child. Kanika is a tomboyish girl with many dreams in her eyes. Anjali is the practical one who knows well how to make men drool over her.

Anjali is the object of envy for her three friends. She has also made a bet with them that she won’t get married until she is 25.

Mayuri, Natasha and Kanika form a pact to defeat Anjali in this bet. They all start looking for suitable boys for her. Meanwhile, Anjali meets Amar ( Ashmit Patel ) and falls in love with him. She will marry him, but at her own chosen hour.

The first half of ‘Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamaana’ desperately tries to make you laugh. But none of the four leading ladies manage to crack real humour. The second half get a bit sentimental in certain portions (focusing on Rekha’s failed relationship), but fails to pull any strings at heart.

The music is passable although the movie could have done with a song or two less. The script is the film’s nemesis. The situations and the dialogues are so poorly conceived and written that you feel embarrassed for the characters on the screen. The chemistry between the actresses is superficial and the emotional moments are corny.

Rekha manages to rise above the faulty script in certain portions, but at times she too goes over the top. Mahima Chaudhary looks sexy and hot. Her anatomy, and not acting, is her main asset in the film. Kim Sharma is inexplicably ill at ease in most of her scenes while Vasundhara Das is just about okay.

Among men Sanchin Khedekar is good, Ashmit Patel is mechanical, while Nikhil Chinappa is lively. Sanjit Bedi and Ashwin Mushran look conscious of the camera.

On the whole, ‘Kudiyon Ka Hai Zamaana’ is just about tolerable in the first half but becomes boring in the second half.

Source : Apunkachoice

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