Linda Arsenio Meet the only woman in Kabul Express
One woman, 60 men, war-torn Afghanistan. Not exactly the makings for a nice day out.

Nonetheless, actress Linda Arsenio is the only woman in the cast of Kabul Express and has no complains.

“Kabul Express is one of the films which will be always close to my heart,” says Arsenio. “I got a chance to travel to Afghanistan — that is a very rare opportunity for any actress. I have many fond memories of the film and I will always cherish this wonderful time I shared with the entire unit of Kabul Express.”

Originally from Texas, in the United States, Arsenio did theatre in New York before moving to India. However, ‘Bollywood’ is not her first foray with the Indian film industry.

“I am not new to the Indian film industry. I have done a film like Sachin in Tamil, a Telugu film and I have a name down south,” she says.

In Kabul Express, she plays an American photojournalist who is travelling with John Abraham and Arshad Warsi’s characters, who are trying to meet Taliban leaders in post-9/11 Afghanistan.

The film, directed by Kabir Khan, was completed back in December 2005. However, because Kabul Express was travelling the world in the festival circuit the India release took a year.

“People have liked our film all over the world. I hope even Indians love the film,” says Arsenio.

So, did she have the opportunity to interact with women in Afghanistan? “I was overzealous to meet them,” she says. “They want their conditions to be changed and want freedom. I feel, however, that it will take time for Afghan women to come out of that kind of situation. Things are improving slowly but I feel it will take more time.”

Arsenio says she enjoys Hindi Cinema –the music, the passion and the energy.

“At present Bollywood is the place where I want to be based. I am open though, and would love to work anywhere work takes me,” she concludes.

Source – Allbollywood

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