Aishwarya IdolsInspired in his dreams and mesmerised by the beauty of Bollywood actor Aishwarya Rai, a sculptor is at work to make 25 statues of the glamour icon.

“A divine lady appeared in my dreams and suggested me to make sculptures of a beautiful woman. She told me that it would give me recognition across the country,” Arjun Prajapati said.

“So eventually I decided to portray Aishwarya Rai as she is one of the most beautiful women I could think of.

“Each week I conceived a new pose of Aishwarya in my dreams and I worked on each of them. I would soon complete 25 different poses of the actress,” Prajapati said.

Once the work is over, he plans to hold an exhibition of the statues in Mumbai and hopes superstar Amitabh Bachchan would agree to inaugurate it.

Prajapati said the idols were meant to satisfy his creative urge and will not be put up for sale.

“Aishwarya is among the most beautiful of women, so making her sculptures is a real pleasure for me. I would first display these statues in an exhibition in Mumbai and would later put them in my museum here, which has over a thousand different works,” the artiste said.

Recipient of a number of awards and accolades from national and international organisations, Prajapati said he mastered his art through continuous dedication and hard work.

The sculptor runs Arjun Arts, a gallery in Jaipur well known for artistic stone works, marble sculptures, sand stone and clay.

“I started the gallery with the sole objective of reviving the waning art of folk sculptures and giving a new and modern look to the art,” he said, adding he was planning to set up an art school too.

Source : Zee News

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