Hrithik RoshanRecently, a collective gasp of disbelief went up through out the industry when word got out that Hrithik Roshan was on the verge of signing a Rs 35 crore deal with Adlabs.
With three films on the drawing boards, if it does come about, it could automatically catapult Hrithik into bracket of the highest paid actors in Hindi cinema – in the league of Shah Rukh Khan, who reportedly was paid Rs 12 crore for Don.

However, talks between Hrithik and Adlabs are still dragging on. Now sources insist that the final amount could in reality be substantially less if and when Hrithik signs on the dotted line.

“What seems realistic now is anything between Rs 25-30 crore. Negotiations are still on and they will finally decide the amount based on Hrithik’s market price post the release of Dhoom 2,” says a source.

Hrithik and the people at Adlabs have never confirmed the reality of the “Rs 35 crore deal”, however, the real figures should be out soon enough. “Negotiations with Hrithik are still on so we cannot divulge the final amount,” said a spokesperson of Adlabs.

Incidentally, Akshay Kumar has already been signed on by Adlabs for a four-film deal for Rs 16 crore.

Source : Allbollywood

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