Plus Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. held its Press Conference at Raheja Classic Club in Mumbai on Saturday 4th November attended by Irrfan Khan, Sandhya Mridul, Princey Shukla, Producer Ravi Agarwal, Director Tanveer Khan, Mr Ashok Ahuja from Percept Pictures Company, Dialogue/screenplay writer Dilip Shukla, editor Sanjay Sankala and sound engineer Jitendra Chowdhary.  Rajit Kapur could not attend due to a surgery, Konkona Sensharma was shooting in Calcutta ad Zakir Hussein was in Chennai.  Bijon Dasgupta too, was in Pune while Bhiku Verma could not attend due to medical problem. It might have taken the production house time to decide on the star cast and get them to sign on the dotted line but one Deadline- Sirf 24 Ghante went on floor, it completed the schedule in 23 days. Same happened fro distribution. Once Percept Pictures Company was finalised as the presenter, film is released in a record time of one month’s notice.

Sandhya Mridul said about her character of Roohi in Deadline – Sirf 24 Ghante, “It is the characterless character. Because of director Tanvir khan I have been able to perform this role so perfectly. I enjoyed working with Konkona, Irrfan and other stars and the team members. In fact I did not have the dates for the film but when I came back from the shoot, Rajit Kapur approached me in a party and told me to contact Ravi Agarwal. He said that they were still waiting for me.” So Sandhya took on the role that is tailor made for her only.

“Deadline- Sirf 24 Ghante is releasing worldwide on 10th November. It has already created a lot of buzz in the market about its production quality, unique story line and the treatment. This will be like turning a new leaf for me”, said Director Tanveer Khan while addressing the media in Mumbai. He also appreciated the producer Mr Ravi Agarwal for extending unconditional support for the film while under production and later for getting the best distribution network of Percept Pictures Company for the release.

Irrfan Khan came to the meet from his busy schedule at ‘A Mighty Heart’ in Pune. He said, “I am playing a role of a writer who later becomes the kidnapper. His wife (Sandhya Mridul) is very nice and supportive. I am very much excited about this film and it is one of my best films. I had accepted this film because my character in it has many emotional shades in it and it stands for a strong sense of morality. It is a character that many will be able to relate to on emotional level”.

Princy Shukla- the child who is kidnapped- tells, “I was very scared while dubbing. I had really started crying. But everybody in the team used to love and pamper me. They are all very nice.”

Said Konkona Sensharma from Calcutta, “Tanveer Khan very intelligent,  supportive and has taken a lot of interest in the film making. He knows exactly what he wants. His involvement in the film is very high. He has, made this film very smoothly and without any hiccups. I have learned a lot with him. Script was so well written that inspite of being comparatively new, we could finish the film in three months. In fact we developed a very good rapport during the making of this film. After my every shot he
would call it mind blowing and excellent. By the end of this film, by the time he would say ‘mind’ I would react with ‘blowing’. It had become quite funny.”

Film is definitely mind blowing and a nail chewing experience. Set around abduction, story is not about ransom. It drives home a message that is poignant and rampant. It is another issue that most of the time we ten to ignore it. 

”Deadline-Sirf 24 Ghante” has one of the best technical team in Baba Azmi for cinematography, Dileep Shukla for Screenplay/Dialogue, Sanjay Sankla as Editor, Bijon Dasgupta for Art direction, Bhiku Verma for action and Jitendra Chaudhary for sound.

Plus Entertainment has already produced two films under its banner. AKALPIT and SALAAM (both Marathi) have released to fabulous critical appreciation while their maiden venture into Hindi cinema shall release on 10th November under the title ‘Deadline- Sirf 24 Ghante’.

Amongst these films, Salaam has been nominated for 4 Screen awards including Best Film.

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