Fardeen KhanTry as he might, Fardeen Khan just cannot recollect the name of his last-released film (which, incidentally, was Pyare Mohan, which released some six months ago). Is his memory that short? Fardeen grins unabashedly. I`ve been kinda busy. Reading scripts and working on my soonto-be-released films. “That`s why, he says”. Busy as a bee, is he? “Well, a man’s gotta do these things,” he says.

So, it`s a man thing to become the brand ambassador for his brother-in-law`s new venture, is it? “I am a style icon, so why not?” he asks, and immediately shakes his head, with, “No, I don`t like that tag.” Hates it, does he? “No, I didn`t say that,” he quickly protests, and then admits, “Okay, I don`t mind it.” Why? “Why not? People say I am sexy, intelligent, smart, articulate, why not?” he counters. Sexy? But he is put on weight, and that cleft in his chin, which made women go weak in the knees, has moved on too, “Oh, that. Don`t worry. Very soon, you`ll get to see the dashing, dapper Fardeen again. I am working on it,” says Fardeen. Quite obviously, modesty is not his buzzword today. Is he marketing himself ? Suddenly, Fardeen becomes very serious. “No, not myself, for I am always true to myself. But my persona. I have realised that people have certain perceptions about me, and I need to live up to that.”

Since he is finally taken on a serious tone, guess this is the time to ask him about a couple of rumours doing the rounds. Is his wife pregnant? “Nah. I`d be shouting over rooftops for the world to know if it happens. And I will definitely do that, give me time,” he says. And are he and Saif not on talking terms now? “That`s a preposterous lie, completely spun out of nothing, and twisted beyond imagination,” Fardeen emphasises, and then adds, “But then, that is Bollywood for you. I want to grow out of all this petty fluff. I am going to concentrate on my broin-law`s business. I`ll become a business tycoon,” he is back to being mischievous. So, does he have the business acumen? “I have for sure,” he laughs.

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